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The H4K3R

We all have some of it in us, some more than others.

Created this in the new CS5

Only 1920×1080 Available, click the image above or the link below to download

1920×1080 (1080p) H4K3R Wallpaper

So I added bunch of new wallpapers

Purple Haze, Green Haze and Orange Haze

and some iphone boot screens, I am also in partnershop with

I make various artwork for them.  Check out their site, lots of good info there.

4 New wallpapers added!

I just added 4 new wallpapers!  Check homepage for more info!

Another update!

I just added 4 more wallpapers, you can check them out by going to the wallpaper section.

Also, I am still working on the Video/Flash tutorials which I hope to add today or tommorow, I am just having some issues with compression and the video player, not sure which to use for the site.  But stay tuned, I hope to have all this sorted out very soon.   I am thinking of doing photoshop tutorials 1st and then when I get comfortable with doing these video tutorials I hope to move into Cinema4D.

If any of you have experience with flash players and such, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you can help.

New site features!

So I have added a new feature to the site which will have video/flash tutorials focusing on Cinema4D, they wont be advanced tutorials but it will be defenitely helpfull for those who want to get started using cinema4D.  I hoping to add 1 torial today which will show you how to make some cool text and render it.  I just have to get a screencasting software and setup a player to work on the site so stay tuned!

Also I have added 4 new wallpapers!

New wallpapers added and site redesign.

So I finnaly got around to finish the site, the site was looking horrible for the longest time and I never got around to actually finish. I think the site looks great now, thanks for MoC for some CSS and WP help.

And now to the good stuff….

I added 4 new wallpapers

3DBuntu Version 2, Linux Server, Gray Apple and Green MacOS

to see the new wallpapers click on WALLPAPERS in the menu on the right.

Your comments and questions are welcomed and even requests :)


Well its been very long since I published any of my work but dont think I wasnt doing anything, i actually have made quite alot of wallpapers, I will be adding them slowly to the site for the next few days, maybe a week as I have made alot of new wallpapers, if you cant wait check out

Today I added the following:

The Cube
UbuntuBrass V2
Speedo V1
Speedo V2

Click on the links to see them.

New theme!

After a long silence on the site, I have a new theme thanks to MoC.  I will modify it a bit to match the site in the next few days.  Also I will add bunch of new wallpapers that I’ve made.  If you want to see them before I post them here, visit my deviantart page at

Also, dont forget to visit MoC’s site and forum at

News: New wallpaper added! Its been almost a month :)

I added a new wallpaper

Here is the preview:


To grab it click here or click on wallpapers link located in the menu on the right  :)

Dont forget to register and post comments.

News: Want your own blog site?

Ever wanted your own blog site?

With its own domain name?  Your personal email?
With me creating customized graphics just for your blog, full access to the site as admin, add your own users,, add a forum?  No Problem, use the contact page  to contact me and we can discuss your this further.

You will unlimited bandidth, you can upload your own images, videos, whatever you like.  Use the contact page if you’re interested.


Our Friends at are offering free email accounts. Check them out, the account is free of ads or spam. Great filtering system updated daily.

News: New Wallpapers!

4 New Wallpapers

Mod to my famouse blue Word Image

here are the previews, go to the wallpaper section to download


News: New Wallpaper from our new Moderator/Contributor/Webmaster

He just created a new wallpaper, its in the Mac OSX Wallpaper section, he only created 1 resolution because he was busy working on our site.  There is tons of new features coming.  I am thinking forum and maybe few other things.  You can check out

Check out the forum there.  Expect something like that.

Once again, thanks to MasterOfComputers to contributing

News: New Moderator and Wallpapers

So I just recruited “MastersOfComputers” to help me out with the site.  He will slowly help me out as I am busy wih alot different things.

He already did a scrolling marque on top of each page, check out his page please! CLICK HERE TO GO THERE

And to the wallpapers:

Made two new ones (I still have about 20+ unreleased ones)
Click each image to go to them:

News: New Wallpaper!

New wallpaper!  Hackintosh CPU, just a mod to the famous linux version or the same wallpaper.  I hope everyone likes.  Click on the image to take you to the download section.


News: New wallpaper!!!

Get your fix Part 2, ReWorked, more detail, longer render, took alot of work to get the detail I wanted but it looks much better now

Click on the image to go right to the download section

News: May 30 Part 2

Added 2 new wallpapers in Mac OSX Section and another Photoshop tutorial

May 30: New tutorial! TV Scan Lines Added

I added a new tutorial

Tv scanlines

Click here to go right to it!

News: Blue Waves Widescreen

Just added this wallpaper, go to the wallpaper section under LINUX or click here to go there directly

here is a preview

News: New Photoshop Tutorial Added!

I added a new photoshop tutorial covering a design of a carbonfiberish texture for your text or whatever you want.  Check it out!

Click here for direct link.


NEWS: 2 New Wallpapers added

I added 2 more wallpapers, more coming soon, I have tons more I made in the last few months and alot more unreleased ones that are few years old.

Click on HOME / Main Page and select Wallpapers in the main screen and you will get to see the latest wallpapers.


May 22, 2008: New Additions!!!

Just added two new wallpapers, one in miscelenous section and one in linux or you can click here and see them both (last two posted)

I also redid the front page, I know it needs more work but I am busy with alot of different projects and dont really have time to do much to this page but I do what I can.

For now enjoy what I posted, I only have widescreen versions up for now, if you want a full screen version contact me and let me know which one you would like in 4:3 mode.

Thats all for now!

I started a new site…

Where anyone can post computer related stuff, even things that are not that computer related.

all you have to do is register there and you can post on the site. Enjoy!
Please keep the site clean and no spamming. If you want a admin position, contact me and that can be arranged with no problems.  Admins will have the ability to moderate posts and comments to keep spammers off the site.

News, April 23, 2008

While you’re waiting for some of my new work, check this site out

updated daily
also if u need some gfx work or other work done check this site out

New wallpaper added [External Link]

Its late I dont have time to add it to the site
get it from

Get if off there for now and dont forget to vote!

Btw, if you search for more of my stuff on that site you will find alot that I havent released here.

March 29, 2008 New Wallpaper added

Its been a while, I’ve been extremely busy working on my other sites and with work and just overload of things to do in general but I managed to get a wallpaper out right before March came to an end. Its in the misc section direct link here.

I have starter a company with a business partner, I will post link to it soon as the site is done.  Its somewhat related to what I do as a hobby so by monday 31st of march I will post the link to it and you will all be able to see why I was sort of neglecting this site.

NEWS: February 10, 2008


No new wallpapers…yet anyways.

But I figured I’ll do some video renderings of my current wallpapers.

If you’re downloading the AVI format, you will need DIVX codec to play it, get it at

1st one:

3elcecede: Took around 36 to 38 hours to render in HD format (480p)

To download the actuall AVI right click SaveAS this link LCDSCREENS.avi

Here is the quick youtube preview

2nd one:

Linux: Get your fix; Took around 48 hours to render in HD format (480p)

To download the actuall AVI right click SaveAS this link pills.avi

Here is the quick youtube preview

I also have full resolution losless MOV format available (each file is around 400MB) if anyone is interested please use the contact page to email me.

January 24, 2008: New wallpaper and new site feature!

So I was thinking today of maybe possibly changing my Photoshop tutorials section into a Flash Video tutorials.  It will be somewhat easier for me to make them and show off exactly how things are done.  Its an idea that crossed my mind before but I never actually gave it a good thought.  But I need some feedback 1st.

I want to hear from YOU, please click here to send me your thoughts on this!

A new site feature was also added today also / Request Custom Wallpaper /

  •  What this is, is a way for YOU to get a custom wallpaper, not a whole new wallpaper but a wallpaper that already exists on my site and I will modify it to fit your desktop.  Click HERE for more information

And I didnt forget to add a new wallpaper!

I added … this time not linux related :)    I got few emails asking for more wallpapers that are not linux related.  So here is the 1st one for this week.
Its called Paradise Island,  I took this picture in 2004 in Dominican Republic
and now with some minor work turned it into a wallpaper, here is a small preview:

Click on the image for a larger preview

or click here to go right to the wallpaper section