Photoshop Tutorials

Disclaimer: I am in no way a pro in Photoshop, everything I’ve learned was acquired by using it day to day and playing around with different functions.

I had to get that out of the way 1st before I post any tutorials. I will slowly be adding tutorials to this page, some might be easy, some might be hard. I will try to make them as easy to understand as I can. I will also provide the PSD files at the bottom of each tutorial to make it a bit easier.

Select the tutorial you want to see below by clicking on the Image or title

REFLECTIONS – Ever wondered how to do it? Its simple!

Tutorial 2: Cool Carbon Fiberish texture
Ever wondered how I got it done in some of my wallpapers?  If you follow this tutorial you will be able to do it.

Click the image above or HERE to go to the tutorial.

Tutorial 3: TV Scan Lines – Ever wondered how its done? This is a quite simple tutorial.

TV Scan Lines – Click on the image above to see the tutorial or click here to see it

Tutorial 4: Quick and simple way to fix a photo

Click the image or HERE to go see the tutorial

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