Photoshop Tutorial: Reflections

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I am sure most of you noticed how alot of websites and other media have been using reflections in their images, apple is known to be doing that lately too. If you haven’t figured out how to do this in photoshop then you came to the right place.

Here are some examples of reflections in different images:

For this tutorial I used a Mac but photoshop works the same on a Mac and PC, I will have keystrokes for Mac and Windows listed here.

Lets start…

To begin create a new document with resolution of 700 x 400 pixels


So now you have a blank document with a white background, we need to
turn this background into something that will look right with our reflection

For that we will use the gradient tool which can be located in your tools toolbar
usually located to the left of the screen


Once you select that, an options toolbar will pop up on the top right under
the menu bar, from there make sure you have the Linear gradient selected


Next we need the proper colors for this gradient

I chose black for background and dark gray for foreground

t03.jpg for the gray I used color #4a4a4a

So now while still having your gradient tool selected you want to draw a line
using it from the bottom of the image to the top as illustraded in the picture


Now we have this fake floor happening in the picture that will look alot
better once there is a reflection happening in there.

Now you will add text to this image using the Text tool located in you
tool bar, I used white color for the text and for size I used 60pt


This text is a layer on top of the gradient


What you want to do next is duplicate this layer
To duplicate the layer you will go to the top menu bar
and go to Layer > Duplicate layer…

After you do this your layers panel should look like this

the Reflections copy layer is the layer which will be the reflection
but before this can even become a reflection we need to flip it verticly
as reflections are usualy a mirror copy of the original

So while having this layer selected in your layer panel go to

Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical


After you do this you have to move this layer down since its being
overlapped by the 1st layer, use the move tool which is on the top
of your tool bar (its the one with the Pointer)

Now move this layer just below the 1st layer so the ends of the text
touch each other as illustrated in this pic


Its still not looking too realistic, we have to fade the reflection alittle bit

To do this we will use layer mask which can be found in your layers
panel on the bottom


After you press that, a layer mask will appear next to the layer, look
in the pic below and compare it to the pic above


Next you will use the gradient tool to mask out the layer abit

draw in as illustraded in the pic below


The result will be this


Its starting to look more like a reflection but we should change the opacity
of the layer to make it a bit darker, so while still having this layer selected in your
layer panel, select the opacity slider and set it from 100% to 60%


Now this is starting to look a bit better but we should tilt it a little bit to make
it look more realistic

To do this, select both text layers in you layers panel, use Shift and click on the 1st
layer and then 2nd, both selected should look like this


And while having both selected we will do a little free transform on them
To do this, you will press Command-T (or CTRL-T on Windows) and a selection
box will pop up around the text in your document with selection boxes all around
it. So while having that selection you will hold Command key (CTRL on windows)
and drag the top right selection box UP


Thats it!


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  • dktakeshi:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I use to think it was wickedly hard to make this, but you’ve made it so quick and easy!


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